Friday January 10, 2014
Murphy Message: One Year In
Reflecting on 2013
For the past year, I have had the honor and privilege of representing you in Congress and am truly grateful for the opportunity to serve as the voice of the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches.

I came to Congress on a pledge to be bipartisan, to reach across the aisle and work with both Democrats and Republicans to get things done for our district. I continue to stand by this pledge because the challenges we face will not be solved if we don’t work together to find the middle ground. Washington is clearly broken, and the tone must change from partisan bickering to bipartisan problem solving if it is to be fixed.

Unfortunately, this message seems to be falling on deaf ears in Congress, where some reward obstruction and sabotage rather than independent thinking and compromise. However, there were some bright spots in 2013.

Together, making progress
Rep. Murphy discussed with community members
ways to help the local environment that
has been plagued by pollution.
One of the first things I did after arriving in Washington was organize a bipartisan group of freshmen members called the United Solutions Caucus, dedicated to finding bipartisan solutions to address our nation’s fiscal issues. I am also proud to lead several other bipartisan groups and efforts dedicated to building trust across the aisle. These groups are focused on working together to stop the trend of governing by crisis, and instead, finding middle ground to move forward on many important issues facing our nation.

Through these groups, we have built trust and relationships that have allowed us to make some progress. Together with colleagues on both sides of the aisle, I introduced two bipartisan SAVE Acts to root out $230 billion in wasteful and duplicative government spending. As an extension of the SAVE Act, I proposed and won passage of five amendments that would cut billions of dollars in wasteful spending.

At the same time, I have found that the biggest impact can be made on local issues. To that end, it was an honor to host an historic bipartisan Congressional briefing on issues affecting our local waterways, bringing national attention to the issue of toxic waters that have been plaguing the Treasure Coast for far too long.

Additionally, I am proud to have helped constituents receive over $530,000 in refunds and retroactive earned benefits owed to them. (Click here to find out more about how our offices can help you with federal agency matters).

Being able to make a real difference for others is the most rewarding part of my job. In 2014, I will continue to work with any Member and support any idea that builds a better and brighter future for the Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast and for our country.
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Important Survey on Congress' 2014 Priorities
With the New Year upon us, what do you think Congress' top priority should be in 2014? Click here to weigh in:

- Further cutting wasteful spending to reduce the deficit, like what is outlined in my bipartisan SAVE Acts

- Passing a final Water Bill to allow critical Everglades projects to move forward, improving the health of Florida waterways

- Creating a climate conducive to job growth by addressing tax reform and improving our education system

- Passing comprehensive immigration reform

- Other
First Year In Office:
By the Numbers
- Opened 5 offices

- Cast 629 votes

- Introduced 6 pieces of legislation

- Cosponsored 162 bills

- Participated in over 250 local events

- Held 35 “Congress at Your Company” events

- Responded to over 25,000 constituent calls, letters, and emails

- Visited 7,500 homes to provide information on how offices can help
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