Jobs and the Economy

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Expanding job creation and promoting business growth

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Expanding Job Creation

To expand job creation, Congress must provide a stable and predictable economic environment by agreeing to a long-term balanced budget strategy. It must simplify tax and other regulations. It must encourage responsible access to capital and overseas markets. And it must listen and respond to the needs of small businesses, which make up half of this nation’s jobs. Congressman Murphy's positions on the Financial Services and Small Business Committees will enable me to address these issues head on.

He believes we must also look to long-term economic growth by investing in infrastructure—like roads, bridges, railways, and ports—as well as skilled labor and manufacturing, basic scientific research and development, and education. Without these investments we will lose our ability to compete in a global scale with rising economic powers such as China and Brazil.

Promoting business growth

Congress should extend tax incentives for small businesses to provide stability and predictability, and to promote growth. Congress should push banks to continue expanding lending so businesses of all sizes can create new jobs. And America must invest in the clean-energy economy and provide tax credits to spark development and manufacturing of cost-effective windmills, solar panels, electric cars, and other technologies to keep us at the leading edge of this growing industry.

Congressman Murphy supports creating an environment conducive to business growth and make sure the necessary resources to drive that growth are present, including readily available lending, stable currency, relief from bureaucratic barriers-to-entry, and stable energy costs.

Local Economic Development

Fostering growth of research and technical centers
Scientific research is critically important for the economy accelerate and for our nation to remain the leader in technology. From Scripps to Max Planck to Torrey Pines to VGTI and others, a wide variety of research and development facilities have relocated to the region, and Congressman Murphy is committed to working with them to foster the growth of the Research Coast. These institutes provide high-paying, highly skilled jobs that will aid the region as it recovers from the economic downturn.

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