Health Care

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Protecting coverage while working towards needed improvements

The Affordable Care Act achieved some important and tangible goals. Congressman Murphy supports many of these advances such as: the elimination of lifetime limits, the closing of the prescription donut hole, and more young adults will receive coverage through their parent’s plans.

The repeal of health care reform would be an extraordinary step backwards for patients and particularly the families and seniors of 18th district. Additionally, the Congressional Budget Office estimates that repealing the law would add another $210 billion dollars to the deficit.

That doesn’t mean the bills don’t need improvement. There are certain provisions that create bureaucratic issues for businesses, and there are elements that can be improved to make it less cumbersome. Congressman Murphy supports correcting flaws in the legislation that have placed unnecessary bookkeeping burdens on small businesses. For instance, Congressman Murphy supports revoking the provision mandates that every business, charity, and local and state government entity submit 1099 forms for business transactions totaling $600 or more in a given year.

Health care costs continue to rise for both individuals and businesses. Continual improvements to health care reform must work to lower these costs substantially.
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