Environment and Energy Independence

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Protecting the environment and working towards clean energy and energy independence

Congressman Murphy was born and raised in the Florida Keys and the protection of our natural resources is critically important to him. Sound environmental policy isn't just morally correct - its good business for America, and especially good for Florida. It preserves the economy, creates jobs, and protects Florida’s fragile ecosystems and tourism industry.

Immediately following the BP oil spill, Congressman Murphy spent six months in the Gulf of Mexico leading cleanup efforts with his small business, Coastal Environmental Services. The spill was devastating not only to the environment, but also to the coastal communities, fishermen, restaurant owners, and hotel workers of the region. The ripple effect was enormous and is still being felt. Congressman Murphy is committed to working to prevent similar devastation to the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches by prohibiting drilling off the east coast of Florida or in the Everglades.

America’s environmental policy should not only be crafted to preserve our ecosystems and jobs – it should be designed to create new industries. Green technologies and advancements that create greater efficiency will be crucial to future growth, and it is in our national interest as we begin to extricate ourselves from reliance on foreign oil and fossil fuels.

Protecting the Local Environment
The Indian River Lagoon and the St. Lucie River are prized Treasure Coast assets. The St. Lucie and Indian River Lagoon are vital to the Treasure Coast and their health and well-being has been one of Congressman Murphy's top priorities.  As a native Floridian, he has long understood the important of protecting our environment and the role it plays in our future, our economy, and our entire way of life.  Since his first days in office, he has had countless meetings in the district and D.C. with everyone from community activists to the head of the Army Corps of Engineers to discuss not only the problems, but the solutions, both short-term and long-term, that can only come from mutual understanding of the problem and cooperation of local, state, and federal entities. To learn more about Congressman Murphy's work on this issue, click here.

Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are along and adjacent to the Treasure Coast, including Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge and John D. MacArthur State Park at Singer Island. He is looking for ways to develop standards and new sources of sand for beach re-nourishment projects.

Lastly, as a life-long Floridian and outdoorsman, Congressman Murphy understands the importance of our environment – not just as a matter of air and water quality for future generations, but for our economy. Florida tourism, hospitality, real estate, fishing, and many other industries depend on it.
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